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CBC Merger Press Release



On April 2nd, 2018 Coastal Banking Company and its subsidiary, CBC National Bank  merged into First Federal Bank of Florida. 


For stock is held in a brokerage account the brokerage will take care of everything and no effort is required on the part of the stockholder. The brokerage's back office will handle everything, but the timing of the receipt of the merger consideration may take 7-10 days after the effective date. The stockholder is at the mercy of the brokerage house. Stockholders are encouraged to call their broker. 

 If the stock is held in physical certificate form. Stockholders will receive a "Letter of Transmittal" from the exchange agent. At that point, the stockholder will be required to fill out the paperwork (letter of transmittal) and send it back to the exchange agent along with the physical stock certificate. The exchange agent will sequentially mail a check to the stockholder. The exchange agent is required to send the paperwork to the stockholder within 5 days of the effective date. Our consultant strongly encourages stockholders with physical certificates to use Fed Ex, as the cost to replace a lost or stolen certificate is 3% of the value of the shares.